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During the fall, a week in which we receive a lot of rain, we face a scenario that is often the case on rainy days. The varsity football team, the cheerleaders, the band, the eagle line, the boys and girls basketball teams, and the two varsity soccer teams all try to share the space of two basketball gyms. The eight YMCA football teams (ages 4-12) often have to cancel many of their practices due to wet conditions and lack of space. Many Eagle ballgames for the YMCA, middle school, and junior varsity are cancelled due to unplayable field conditions. Poor field conditions also keep the band and Eagle line from performing at halftime.

On a yearly average, we have close to 200 football players, 50 soccer players, and over 50 cheerleaders and eagle line from grades K-12. Thatís over 300 student athletes!  These students will directly benefit from a turf field but there will also be benefits for the entire school. We believe this will be an upgrade to our campus that will be an attraction to many prospective students. We are Trying to provide our students with the same first class facilities as the local schools. (All Ouachita Parish and Monroe City schools now have multi-purpose turf fields).  Several people who believe in OCS have already made contributions but many more are needed to make this dream a reality.  Every donation, regardless of the size, will be greatly valued.

Please see the attached file for more information. If you have any questions or would like to make a pledge, please contact:

Steven Fitzhugh         (318) 450-7855        fitzhugh@ocs.org



Coach Steven Fitzhugh